Darmstädter Gitarrentage e. V.

The association “Darmstädter Gitarrentage e. V.” has set itself the task of enriching the cultural life of Darmstadt. With a focus on the guitar as an instrument (primarily the classical guitar, but also all other types of plucked instruments), the association would like to make a valuable contribution to this through its various activities.

The highlight of the association’s work is the annual festival “Darmstädter Gitarrentage“ (Darmstadt Guitar Days), which attract the best artists from all over the world to Darmstadt every year. The performing guitarists also pass on all their skills and knowledge to the younger generation in master classes. For this purpose, the association enables selected students to participate in the festival free of charge or at a reduced price by awarding scholarships. Partial or full scholarships will again be awarded for this year’s master classes during the festival and the competition. In addition, in 2022, for example, several students of the Akademie für Tonkunst can be supported with additional scholarships to attend summer courses in Kosovo and Italy.

Another important activity of the association is the organisation of the German competition “Deutscher Gitarrenpreis“ (German Guitar Award), a Germany-wide competition that was established especially for the purpose of promoting young talents (14-26 years) and gives selected pupils and students the opportunity to demonstrate their skills. By awarding the German Guitar Prize (including the prize money and the possibility of further concert performances), the association makes an important contribution to the professional future of young musicians.

This year, the competition will take a break in favour of the “1st European Bach Guitar Award 2022”, which is one of the many highlights of the association’s almost 25-year history.

Would you like to support us?

Then donate to the association. Every sum – no matter how small – helps in all the areas the association is committed to: Festival, Competition and, last but not least, the promotion of young guitar talents. Any amount up to 200.00 euros is tax deductible without a donation receipt. For any amount above this, we will of course provide you with a donation receipt, which you can then declare in your upcoming tax return. For this purpose, please send us your name and address by email to

The donation account of the “Darmstädter Gitarrentage e. V.”:

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Prof. Dr. Tilman Hoppstock
(1st chairman of association “Darmstädter Gitarrentage e. V.“)